I didn't allow myself to hit the snooze button this morning and I am so glad.  I started my morning at 6:50 am today and hit the treadmill for some interval training.  Running intervals is one the easiest ways I think to psych your body and mind out about shaving off some time per mile.  Here is the way it works:

  • Warm up for a few minutes at a brisk walk
  • Run at the pace that you normally would for 2 minutes.  This should be challenging but you should be able to sing your favorite song without too much heavy breathing.
  • Now, run at a pace where you are really pushing it for 2 minutes.  It should be difficult to sing your favorite song, but you are not sprinting for your life.
  • Repeat for at least 20 minutes of running.

 my pink kicks just for indoors 
Basically what happens is you end up seeing those 2 minutes at your normal speed as a break from the speed that is very challenging.  Eventually the speed where you felt like you were really pushing it becomes more like the normal speed and you challenge yourself to run faster.  It sounds kind of hokey but it really does work.  This is the perfect way to end the boredom on a treadmill too because you are really able to see and regulate your speed.  Give it a try and if nothing else I promise you will have some sore calves afterwards and a sweaty face.

Today is Friday which for me also translates to freedom.  Freedom from work and my cubicle and time to enjoy my SSB (secret single behavior).  If you are a Sex and the City fan then you know what I am talking about, if not I will elaborate.  SSB is a culmination of all those secret single things you would probably never do if you lived with someone, like all your oddities.  I can't tell you many of mine because then they wouldn't be a secret, but sometimes I like to blog in bed and imagine I am really in a fancy Parisian hotel where I speak the language fluently of course.

chipotle chicken sandwich, greek salad, and small apple = perfect Panera lunch
Work today was pretty grim but who cares because it is Friday!  I had a perfect lunch at Panera with my co-worker Anja, came home to my little squirt, opened windows to let the Autumn breeze in, and watched Project runway via my DVR without so much as one commercial.  Yes, I would indeed say this is the start to a fabulous weekend full of rejuvenation, organization, and rest.

 Friday also means I get to take Chloe Mae to the park both Saturday and Sunday for long runs in the sunshine.  Since she is a pit bull I don't really believe in dog parks seeing as how judgmental uneducated people can sometimes be so we like to stick to a couple places that are fairly close to home and very large dog friendly.  Not to mention there is nothing better to start your day than a long run next to the Chattahoochee River.  Oh and that fog, yes it is really picture perfect.

Well I plan to keep my routine of getting up before the sun even tomorrow when I could sleep in if I wanted to.  I think in the long run I will be glad I started being productive early.  I mean after all, what's better than an afternoon nap once you have accomplished the world?  Nothing.


Alaina M.

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  1. sounds like you had a very productive day!
    i wish my day had been more like this
    new to your blog, looking forward to future posts!





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