Yep, I did it...I snoozed.  I have somehow managed to refrain from hitting my snooze button for two whole days just to hit it three different times this morning.  Yes, I failed.  No, I will not let it happen again.  If I don't take care of me no one else will.  So tomorrow morning before work my chunky butt will be on that treadmill doing a little interval training.  According to my fitness plan (see Day 1) Friday should be a rest day, so I think I will do a switch.  Since I am already a runner I think I will step it up to at least two miles in the morning and see about the incline and speed variation tomorrow.  Even Chloe my dog hates early mornings, she winced her eyes when I turn the lamp on.  Yes, I realize I talk about her having human tendencies but if you know her you know this is quite true.

My small group at the CLI fundraising dinner
Thursday is typically one night out of the week that I look forward to very much because that is when I get to hang out and spend a little time with my small group.  Think Bible Study is for old women with icky clothes and cat hair clips?  Not my group.  Check out how fabulous we are!  Everyone is unique enough to be different but still so easy to relate to that we click.

Tonight we went to a benefit dinner for a Christian organization called Christian Library International (CLI) where the primary mission is to get Christian literature into prisons and jails.  This was truly a compelling night full of heartache, love, and human relate-ability.  From the testimony of one of the former inmates to a woman who has been the mother of an inmate all the stories were incredible.  I encourage you to look to them if you have books lying around to donate or extra change in your pocket.  What a pure, wholesome organization who has a clear vision and mission.  It is rare to find an organization where the proceeds actually reach the cause.  This organization really seems to change that view, seeing as how all of their board members take no compensation for their efforts.

I am still praying for patience and purpose as I wrap up another week at work tomorrow.  I think I am going to ingrain this saying into my head and think about it when I feel like giving up on GOD's time.


Alaina M.

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