This week was absolutely an improvement from last week.  Last week I had a huge scare with my thyroid or what I think is my thyroid.  I have been feeling pretty gross for the past little while and had a very swollen lymph node for most of last week.  I have wanted to go see a doctor but unfortunately with me starting at the new firm I don't have full insurance yet.  I have been reading about holistic approaches instead.  I have introduced kelp tablets into my diet and until I get everything worked out I am cutting back on my exercise routine for a little while.

I am an avid fruit lover for sure but I am really going to try and amp up my fruit intake.  Hopefully consuming more carbohydrates will also help me once I start working out more heavily again.

B and I miss juicing and are determined to buy a different kind of new juicer next month.  I think I have found the masticating juicer that will be perfect for us now we just have to save some money to buy it.  In the meantime however I will just enjoy cold pressed juice from Whole Foods.  There is nothing more delicious than beet juice.

On Wednesday our firm had its annual real estate department client schmooze dinner and I was so worried once I realized it would be a set menu.  It can sometimes be difficult being a vegetarian and eating out can sometimes be challenging.  We went to a fancy steakhouse and luckily the waitress volunteered to make me a large veggie plate.  I had loads of steamed broccoli and asparagus and even had sauteed spinach with garlic.  The waitress brought me so much I had plenty to take to work the next day for lunch.  I was also pretty grossed out when I saw everyone's steak and the fact that it literally took up most of the plate was appalling.  After everything I've learned it makes it difficult to not have negative feelings surrounding that much meat in one sitting. 

I made these yummy Granola Clusters at the beginning of the week and we are still eating on them.  This recipe is great because you can throw in whatever nuts or seeds you have on hand.  I used a lot of hemp seeds because they are not only very yummy but they are also a complete protein source for us vegetars.  Thanks Taralynn!  This recipe rocks!

Yesterday I prepped food like I usually do before I head to work but I decided to cut up more apples.  Yes, I know I have been eating a lot of apples this week.  I am kind of thinking of this as a sort of mini monomeal.  I cut up three gala apples and topped them with apple pie spice for a delicious mid morning snack.  I try to eat at least five small meals throughout the day.  Eating every couple hours is not only good for your metabolism and your digestive system but I find that it helps prevent overeating.

Most of my nights this past week have ended early with a snuggle session with Chloe and laying in bed before 9pm.  I will be glad when I get my thyroid situated and don't feel so exhausted.  I did some light yoga this morning and then we headed to take Chloe to her usual vet appointment.  After the appointment we headed to Trader Joes to stock up on staple ingredients for meals this coming up workweek.

I know we are all on the countdown to the holiday season and I for one could not be more excited.  Happy weekend!

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