Let's start from the very beginning
A very good place to start
      - The Sound Of Music

My journey started probably longer ago than I care to remember, but let's start with college.  That is always the time when people pack on the pounds.  My weight came from many things: poor eating habits, lack of regular exercise, and stress to just name a few.  Not only did my weight go up and down, but I was also unhappy with my body and how I felt and looked to myself and others.  This was always reflected in pictures.  It was always one of things where you never really realize what you look like until you see yourself tagged in a Facebook photo and being in a sorority there were always lots of pictures. 

Fast forward to after college when I moved to Atlanta and go through the hardest challenge I have ever faced.  I moved over five hours away from everything I have ever known and knew absolutely no one in this huge city.  Daunting to say the least, then I started working in an extremely stressful work environment where I was micromanaged and dealt with the public all day long.  My schedule changed every week and even though the pay was good the benefits were short compared to the pain I felt everyday I had to go to my job.  Stress will cause depression and it seemed to fuel my unhappiness with not only my life but with myself.  This prevented me from staying motivated about my body and my well being.

Then just when I was in this huge pit I thought I could never see out of, I got a job offer doing something that would truly be an improvement.  Not only did my stress decrease, but my life changed ten fold.  The job was the start of the change, but the greatest change came from the end of a bitter relationship.  It was exactly the jolt I needed to get everything together and start caring for me again.  I started using the treadmill I had bought months previously, began eating small healthy meals throughout the day, attending church on a more regular basis, and was winning in all aspects.  I believe I was able to be success this time in my journey towards being fit was attributed to a few things:

1. I was motivated more than I ever had been
2. I was desperate for a fresh start
3. I set reasonable goals for myself so as to not become discouraged and want to quit
4. I implemented small changes that I knew would make a big difference

Although I was never an obese person, I was unhealthy in every way.  I felt horrible about the way I looked and dreaded so many things because of it.  I have managed to lose almost 20 lbs. and I feel fantastic.  My life has changed and I truly feel like my lifestyle is now where it was always meant to be.  I am more confident in my ability to make my goals happen, maintain the change I have seen, and really put myself first when it comes to my health.  

This blog is meant to inspire those who think that they can't make their dream a reality and also to serve as a point of motivation to those who love being and feeling fit on a daily basis.  There will be everything from tips, recipes, workout ideas posted as well as my spiritual journey and everyday girl things.  Enjoy!  

Fit is the new skinny!

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