Not only was I able to start today with a quick two mile run and make a delicious breakfast before work, but here are some other reasons why this Tuesday was TERRIFIC...

It may have been windy and cold as heck outside, but with some new lipstick I felt all rosy and warm.

Every girl needs a little indulgence to get through the workday and these little cuties are the perfect pick me up.  I rationalize this with peanut butter being a protein source and the dark chocolate being full of rich antioxidants.  Yes,  I know this is quite silly, but I guarantee once you try these you'll be saying the same thing.  Available at a Target near you.

I got a fancy new floral journal to start doodling all my thoughts, prayers, etc. in.  I am sure you think I share enough on here, but honestly you have no idea how many thoughts are swimming around in my head.  And yes, I took this picture in my car on my steering wheel during my lunch break and those are super cute argyle tights.

I hope your Tuesday was terrific in some form or fashion.  After all, the best thing about all Tuesdays is that they are not Mondays.  Happy Fall Ya'll!



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