If you've read more than a couple of my posts than you know I love a challenge and this month is no different.  After all, I have trained and ran my first half marathon and just completed a ninety day spending fast as of today.  Last week I vowed to abstain from eating meat after watching the documentary Forks over Knives via Netflix and I've never felt better.  Yesterday marked the one week mark for not eating meat and I've decided to challenge myself with being a vegetarian for the month of April.

Not only have I not been eating meat, but I have been seeing produce in a new, exciting way.  I love the challenge of having to be creative with meals and think outside the box.  I have never believed in processed foods, so there are no soy crumbles here and I am not a carb-ivore either.  My focus is for every meal to be plant based with a portion of that being made up by whole grains, seeds, or nuts.  I also have started juicing again which is a wonderful way to get additional nutrients in addition to a healthy diet.

I have felt amazing since last week and how could I not feel good with all the vegetables and the juicing?!  Not only do I want to be healthier, but I would love to loose about 18-20 lbs.  I lost 2.5 last week and am on the path to shedding what I want.

I am still running and if anything training harder.  I would love to run another half marathon in the next couple months or so.  I like goals and I love doing things I've never done just to see if I can so as part of my accountability I will be logging my meals and activity everyday.  Not only will this help me stay on track, but I am hoping it may motivate some of you to do something new and break down that wall.

I never thought I would run a half marathon, go 90 days without spending any extra money, or give up my beloved bacon, but here I am.  I am one mean contender when I focus on something!  Watch out world!

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