As I mentioned in my last post yesterday was pretty awful, but the best part about today is that it is not Monday.  This morning I woke to swollen eyes.  Yes, battle of the pots is over and I am happy to say that I have closure and my beautiful grill pan back at home with me.  I don't think I was so upset over the way that things ended between me and said gentleman as much as I was disappointed that my pattern seemed to repeat.  I didn't see the signs early on and that made things difficult in the end.  In my personal experience this usually means trying to date men that are emotionally unavailable.  I'm not desperate to be in a relationship, but if I meet the right person I want to make every effort to ensure that I know them well enough to determine if it is worth the effort.  People are not disposable and I believe that each person you meet in life is placed in your path at that moment for a reason.  Every experience whether positive or negative brings to light another aspect of your life and GOD uses these people to help you work closer to Him.

Last night I got to thinking while I was all weepy in my bed how great our GOD is.  We serve a living GOD who is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  I mean really how amazing is that?!  Not only are we able to talk to Jesus like a best friend but He knew us before He made us and wants to show us which way to take.  So this morning as I woke up with this feeling I was forced to remember something I had heard from a mentor in college.  She always said, "I wish more men were like my Jesus."  That's all folks.

After I took my dog to the vet this morning and before work I made a cup of tea and did a little yoga progression.  The phrase "namaste" is commonly used as a greeting but really means "I see you"  not in the physical sense but also in the spiritual and emotional sense as well.  The yogis always say that prayer is for talking but meditation is for listening.  What a profound statement, in the silence is when we are able to listen to GOD and His wishes for us.  So this morning that's what I did...listened.

I need a good Christian man with focus, a relationship with Christ, and the rest GOD will work out for me.  I wish more men were like my Jesus.



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