Spending Freeze Report: Week 1

February is almost half way through and here is my spending report from the 1st through the 10th.  The first day of February fell on a Friday and this month is after all only 28 days.
Friday 2/1:  Rent $711.04  Walmart (groceries) $17.25

Saturday 2/2:  NO SPENDING DAY

Sunday 2/3:  NO SPENDING DAY

Monday 2/4:  NO SPENDING DAY

Tuesday 2/5:  Insurance (auto & renters) $70.00

Wednesday 2/6:  Gas $20.01

Thursday 2/7:  NO SPENDING DAY

Friday 2/8:  Gas $15.00

Saturday 2/9:  Walmart (groceries) $24.09

Sunday 2/10:  NO SPENDING DAY

So far this month is going really well when it comes to my spending.  As of now I don't have a lot of extra expenses that I foresee popping up other than the extra $50 to terminate my cable.  I don't have any student loan payments ($48) until next month and I don't start another class until mid March, so I am hoping to sell the book I am currently using to help offset some of the cost of the new one(s).  I also got my final paycheck from my last job on Friday and it was over $200 larger than I had expected.  Woohoo!

Happy Monday and Happy Spending Freeze!


Alaina M.

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