I woke early this morning before the sun and took Chloe Mae for a nice long run.  It is clearly autumn here and that makes me so happy.  I am sad to see summer go, but so happy to see the seasons change.  It is beautiful everywhere you look and this morning when I was running along the Chattahoochee River I started thinking, yes this can be a dangerous thing.

I started recapping the two previous chapters of the book I have been reading, The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren.  Chapter 3 talks about drive and what drives people.
He mentions:

  • Many people are driven by guilt.
  • Many people are driven by resentment and anger.
  • Many people are driven by fear.
  • Many people are driven by materialism.
  • Many people are driven by the need for approval
That really makes you start to think about what may be driving you, whether that is in thought or in action.  I think to a certain extent we can all probably identify with a handful of those statements for different reasons.  The writer then talks about that when you are able to live a purposeful life things are simpler because in the end something is important enough for your purpose or you can stop worrying about it because it isn't.  What a glorious concept, especially for someone like me who feels like I am in a constant state of uncertainty.  In Chapter 4 he quotes the great C.S. Lewis, "There are two kinds of people: those who say to GOD 'Thy will be done' and those whom GOD says 'Alright, have it your way.'" I think ultimately we have to let go of our desires and believe that GOD made us to be happy no matter what we think that looks like.  By giving up control of my life to GOD I know I will be at peace with His understanding instead of relying on my own.

That is the struggle and battle that I will continue to ask GOD for help in among other things.

Today is Saturday which means it is time to jump fully into the SSB (secret single behavior).  I think for starters I will continue to work on this blog and channel my efforts into making it what I have always wanted it to be...a universal confession and inspiration point.  I may also start heavy cleaning, you know the kind where you dig to the back of your refrigerator or clean the stove, yeah that kind.

So here's to a beautiful day that the LORD has made!  I intend on rejoicing in my single-ness, finishing this mug of chamomile tea, and taking an afternoon nap later.



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