unsweetened chamomile tea aka perfect start
broiled grapefruit with pinch of brown sugar
Mondays are usually awful, but this Monday has seemed to be particularly troublesome.  I somehow managed to rear end an older lady on a road I drive everyday to work while talking to my mother on the phone who just recently returned from Australia, there is way more uncertainty at work, I've been fighting battle of the pots (I will explain), and its like 50 degrees outside.   However, my morning at home before I left for work was completely perfect!

buttermilk pancakes, chicken sausage, and maple syrup
Not only did I have a delicious breakfast at home, but I was able to actually sit and enjoy it without rushing to get ready for work.  I was also able to do a little yoga this morning as well.  Since today was my rest day (see day 1) I thought why not do something different and its relaxing to boot.  Little did I know how much I would need it later on in the day.  Yoga is so soothing and calming because you are regulating your breathing the whole time and no woman who has ever practiced yoga complains about bulky muscle.  Win, win.  Try these exercises for a nice quick progression for every level of practice.  Namaste!

I drive the same route everyday to work as I'm sure many of you do.  I was not really rushed or running late to get to work today either, but someone I was not paying good enough attention.  I was also talking to my mom on the phone as I do everyday.  My dad is now going to insist on me using that massive expensive bluetooth headset I inherited from working at VZW and that is probably a really good idea because I hit someone.  Yep, I rear ended someone while driving in rush hour on a road I travel everyday.  No one was hurt but it is still just so annoying.  Not only do I have to take care of getting my car fixed but I also have to see how much my citation is.  Did I mention I was trying to save more money and spend less?  I guess I will be dipping into the saving account for this one, dang it.  Stupid Monday.

There has also been more confusion at work.  Our office meeting was canceled today, which is ridiculous because we haven't had one in I swear a month.  I think they are somehow trying to pacify us to an extent, maybe this is because our meetings are usually kinda town hall style.  There was also a long email sent our my the CEO of our company that was a bit strange.  Strange because it seems he is attempting to address all the things that bother us as employees, but it almost seems like those changes also mean a reduction in force.  So, there's another sign that I need to keep my eyes open.

Today also marks the seemingly never ending battle of the pots.  Here's the back story...somehow every time I really like a guy I cook for him and sometimes that also means that kitchen items ie pots get left behind.  This is never on purpose might I add, but when you are canoodling on the couch or snuggled up in deep conversation that the last thing I think about is that I need to wash and collect my items.  So, when the guy gets weird or in this case goes ghost for a while it becomes quite the ordeal to get the said items back.  In this case it is my nice grill pan and perfectly sized red enamel casserole dish with matching top.  I'm a culinarian at heart so I hate to brag but I have really nice kitchen equipment, so of course I want my stuff back.  It is always surprising when the guy acts like it is the biggest request to have them returned even if you volunteer to go pick them up.  Suddenly it is as if I am requesting hot chocolate on the Moon...I mean really?!  Supposedly my items are going to be dropped off later today.  I will believe it when I see it.

All in all today was completely awful and I am thankful it's over but I am so grateful that I have amazing friends, family, and a wet nose to come home to.  Here's to tomorrow and what I will now be calling terrific Tuesday just because after today everything seems terrific.  I plan to cozy up with a big blanket in my favorite leather chair enjoy a very terrible for me piece of cake and indulge in NBC's The Voice.  Something about cake and Adam Levine that can make a girl very happy.  Goodnight!



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