It becomes fall more and more with each day that passes.  It becomes colder, the leaves seem to darken, and the days seem darker.  The weather has been beautifully perfect but I am quite ready for daylight savings time next month.  As a girl hair and nails are important to me and probably to you as well.  Beauty is only skin deep, but feeling great and confident about yourself makes everyday a little bit more enjoyable.

For those of you that know me know I haven't always been a redhead, but for those of you that don't you would never have guessed.  I thought I would share some shades of auburn that I am particularly obsessed with this fall season.  If you are thinking about trying something new, go red.  After all, you know what the Kardashian girls said on an episode of their show about redheads ;) 

These two shades above are quite similar and are clearly on the ginger side of the auburn color wheel.  There is more copper and orange within this mix, but the combination of the shade results in a very autumn richness.

This would be a safe shade for someone who is already a naturally dark shade.  The only caution would be to ensure that the richness doesn't border on purple ish undertones.

If you are nervous about trying this at home, then go talk to your stylist or colorist.  He/she will be able to help you find a shade that compliments your skin tone and is something you can be comfortable with, but I imagine you'll love being a ginger.  As the saying goes, more class than a blonde and spicier than a brunette.

I am also obsessed with Essie nail polish and after owning it have become a bit of a snob.  I really don't like to buy anything else.  For me, it wears better and the color stays richer longer.  Depending on how long my nails are I am even sometimes able to get about 10-14 days wear out of it with only a little refresh from a top coat.  
Here are some of my favorite shades for fall that are already in my polish box:

From Left to Right:  Sexy Divide, Merino Cool, Gym Dandy, and Armed and Ready

These shades are beautiful and perfectly autumn and as far as I'm concerned anything with a hint of purple or taupe has to be a more fun solution than the boring everyday shade of nude.  Of course you can order these online but I was able to pick them up at my local Target.  Getting a mani/pedi is great, but paying $7 for a polish you love and doing it yourself over and over now that's money well spent.

Here's to the most gingery shade of auburn and the most delightful alternative to nude colored polish.  A girl with cache in her walk whether in sneakers or in heels is a happy one.  Here's to loving yourself and feeling confident and well put together.  Enjoy your new hair and nails and remember that a smile is truly the best accessory. 

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