Well, I finally did it...I cut my own hair.  I have been talking to my family and friends about trimming my own hair for a while, but I finally got up the nerve to do it myself.  As part of my Spending Freeze I am trying to cut back on as much extra spending as possible and freezing all outgoing expenditures.  

I do not get my hair cut at a lavish salon and always get a dry cut, but a haircut in the ATL area is expensive.  I love my stylist and that is why I continue to go back to her every 6-8 weeks.  A dry cut (no shampoo, scalp massage, or styling) runs my pocketbook about $60 after tip.  So, $60 x 6 cuts a year = $360.  I also always dye my hair at home instead of paying for it.  A box of dye costs me about $12 and I touch it up about every 6 weeks.  

One of the steps to putting a freeze on your spending is making a list of things you are willing to spend money on and a list of things you are not.  My list is as follows:

WILL spend money on:

fresh produce
Chloe's medical expenses (my dog)
boxed hair dye
Bible study materials/projects

WILL NOT spend money on:

hair products
fancy/prepared foods
eating out


Since I have been growing my hair out and want long locks before summer this seems like an easy way to save a penny and still promote healthy growth.  

I used Anna Jones's tutorial and it worked like a charm.  The only thing I would recommend is that if you have wavy or curly hair straighten it before you are ready to start cutting, use a pair of scissors designed for cutting hair (I used a pair of mustache scissors from a big box store), and trim your layers or bangs if you have them so all your ends are fresh on the bottom.

The whole process took a handful of minutes and was so worth it knowing how much money I saved.  My ends feel tangle-free and look great.  There is nothing better than a haircut to make you feel revitalized in the dead of winter.  Good luck with your trimming and let me know how it goes for you!  Happy saving!

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