Spending Freeze Report: Week 2

Not only was this past week Valentine's day but I ended up driving home to Tennessee to spend some time with my mother and sister as well.  My mom was planning on visiting me in Georgia within the next few weeks, but with a change of plans she decided to have me visit and volunteered to pay for my gas since she wanted to visit anyways.  I am very thankful I got to spend time with them especially because I think it will May before before I get to spend time with them again.  Valentine's Day was different for us because of the Spending Freeze so unlike most couples we didn't go out to eat or spend money on each other and get gifts.  I seem to have spent so much on the dinner supplies because I was out of many staple ingredients at my house or forget to snag them from Bernard's before driving back to my house to make dinner.  Things like flour, powdered sugar, chocolate, cheese and strawberries add up.  Thankfully there are plenty of leftover items to use in other recipes.  Here is the breakdown:

Monday 2/11:  Walmart $24.09 (groceries)  

Tuesday 2/12:  Color RUN $43.60 

Wednesday 2/13:  Walmart $45.94  (Valentine's Day Dinner supplies) 

Thursday 2/14:  Publix $22.92 (more Valentine's Day Dinner supplies)  Chloe's Vet $64.25

Friday 2/15:  McDonald's $3.49 

Saturday 2/16:  NO SPENDING DAY

Sunday 2/17:  NO SPENDING DAY

Monday 2/18:  Sonic $5.89  Walmart $34.51 (groceries)

Other than all the grocery expenses this week wasn't so bad.  A friend asked me to do the Color Run 5K with her in Atlanta at the beginning of April and of course I said yes.  The cost was $40 plus tax but ultimately it will be once the Spending Freeze is over even though the cost is immediate and is a goal to look forward to reaching.  I am hoping to be moving my treadmill to the boyfriend's place soon to make it easier for training and I am excited to get back in shape.

Happy Spending Freeze!

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  1. I LOVE the color run!! It's tons of fun and you will love it!




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