These are a few of my favorite things!

1. I love this look because the mix seems perfect.  I am digging the floral, stripe, and leather combination.

2. Not only do I love bandannas and scarves, but I adore the way they are wearing these.

3. I really love being a ginger, but this shade inspired me to dye my hair in this color family.

4. My country roots are truly who I am and these boots are stylish!  I would love to wear them with jeans or a breezy dress.  My inner hippie, flower child is calling out to these.

5. I am not a necklace wearer per se, but I think this one is delicate and not too girly.  I wish it was in silver, but I really love the curves and the way it dangles.

I hope these looks have inspired you as they have me to get motivated for spring and try something new and fresh!

Happy Spring!

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