I spent yesterday playing catch up.  My parents came into town and we ended up staying up until like 1:00 am talking and hanging out.  While I don't have a job to worry about getting up for my honey definitely was dragging yesterday.  My parents left before 9:00 am and then I juiced and hit the treadmill.

I made a yummy salad with baby spinach, arugula, cucumber, red onion, tomatoes, cheese, olives, and chia seeds.  I tossed it in my homemade mustard red wine vinaigrette.  Not only was this salad delicious, but it was so filling.

After a quick lunch I was headed uptown to Buckhead to pick up my race packet for the COLOR RUN  that I ran this morning.  I got my t-shirt, a dorky sweatband, and number.  They also threw in a pink color packet, although there wasn't a shortage or color powder.

Once I picked up my packet and made the trip home I snuggled up to relax and take a break.  I cuddled up with the latest issue of Women's Health and Clemmy's Ice Cream.  What's not to love about sugar-free, all-natural ice cream in a peanut butter chocolate chip flavor?! NOTHING!  I like to fake myself thinking I am indulging in a huge portion because I use a ramekin instead of a massive bowl.

After a nice two hour long nap I woke up and started dinner.  We had fried brown rice with lots of veggies and edamame, broccoli, and red pepper tossed in Trader Joe's soyaki sauce.  Truly the perfect vegetarian friendly meal that beats takeout like no body's business.

Happy Weekend!

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