This past week was a wrap up on a very short month.  I am ready for March to be here for a few reasons...Easter, Daylight Savings Time, and hopefully Spring.  I am going to even get a head start on my container garden this year and plant some seeds indoors to transplant later.  Here's the breakdown:

Tuesday 2/19:  $34.51 Walmart (groceries)

Wednesday 2/20:  NO SPEND DAY

Thursday 2/21:  NO SPEND DAY

Friday 2/22:  $75.00 Cell Phone

Saturday 2/23:  NO SPEND DAY

Sunday 2/24:  NO SPEND DAY

Monday 2/25:  $48.99  Amazon (chloe's dogfood)

Tuesday 2/26:  $29.05  Electric (utilities)

Wednesday 2/27:  $15.02  Gas (fuel)

Thursday 2/28:  $101.00 Gas (utilities)

All in all this month was great even with a few extra expenses.  Since I am still unemployed and grinding away to find a job and continue with school money is still incredibly tight.  My goal for March is to keep up the last month of the spending fast and spend as little as possible.  I have the Color Run 5K the first weekend in April and my sister and her boyfriend will be in town that same weekend.  We want to go to a Braves/Cubs game and enjoy them being here, so I hope I can land a job, get through the difficult classes, and be able to not feel guilty about spending a little extra while they are here.

Budget:  $1,568

Actual:  $1,515.65

Under Budget by $52.35

Here's to Spring and a happy Spending Freeze!

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