I'm a creative cook I will admit it but it has been a bit of a challenge eating as a vegetarian this week.  I could eat a lot of salads, but the boyfriend not so much.  I am blessed that he is game to try anything I make and rarely complains, so I decided to make something close to what we would normally eat and enjoy...spaghetti squash it is.

I've seen it on every cooking show and while it always look so tasty, I've never prepared it.  After making it I can honestly say I didn't miss the noodles or starchy pasta and truly like it better.  I decided to make spaghetti squash with homemade marinara and threw in a toasted slice of whole wheat bread too.

I prepared the spaghetti squash like theKitchn explained and it turned out fabulous.  The squash was stringy and moist like fresh noodles but actually had a taste unlike plain pasta.  My favorite marinara recipe is from the Pioneer Woman.  The recipe makes quite a bit, but it freezes so well so I love it to pull out in a pinch.  I finished the meal off with a slice of toasted whole wheat sandwich bread drizzled with a little olive oil and Italian seasoning.

This was the perfect lunch and would make a delicious dinner with a big huge salad.  I hope the next time you pass the spaghetti squash at the market you decide to take him home!


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