I've been slacking, yes I know but I have been kinda busy with other things.  I painted the house for three days straight last week and somehow I forgot about my duty to post my spending.

Monday 3/11:  $36.37 Gas/Fuel

Tuesday 3/12:  $9.41 Panera Bread (emergency dinner)

Wednesday 3/13:  $88.48 Trader Joe's (groceries)  $27.60 USPS (stamps for resumes)  $123.56 Half.com (textbooks)  $219.75 Vet (Chloe's yearly exam/monthly shot/yearly vaccines)

Thursday 3/14:  NO SPENDING DAY

Friday 3/15:  NO SPENDING DAY

Saturday 3/16:  $43.14 Walmart (resume supplies and toiletries)

Sunday 3/17:  NO SPENDING DAY

Monday 3/18:  NO SPENDING DAY

Tuesday 3/19:  $12.15 Exxon (gas/fuel)

Wednesday 3/20:  $80.93 Walmart (groceries)  $10.59  PETCO (Chloe)

Thursday 3/21:  NO SPENDING DAY

Friday 3/22:  NO SPENDING DAY

Saturday 3/23:  NO SPENDING DAY

Sunday 3/24:  NO SPENDING DAY

Spending hasn't been too bad in general, but things are starting to get a little tighter as I feel the pressure of still being unemployed.  I managed to mail out 50 resumes over the past two weeks and so far have only heard from two firms to say they are not hiring right now.  I am going to continue to push and send out even more as the weeks go on and still enjoy my classes without worry.  Bernard and I are still maintaining two households even though I have spent the last two months here at his place.  The amount we both would save by condensing would be ridiculous, but I will continue to keep my place until we are engaged.  That's the deal that we've made for now although I will admit that as the money gets tighter it is frustrating to think that we could both save so much each per month by splitting all of our bills.  I am trying to now look at this time of being unemployed as a way to get rejuvenated, focus on myself, and get as healthy and fit as I want with minimum obstacles.  I watched two amazing documentaries this weekend so I will soon be sharing what I learned.  Tomorrow I will be blogging about green drinks and juicing so stay tuned.

Happy Spending Freeze!

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