No fancy graphic or heading needed, so here is the spending so far this month.

Friday 3/1:  $8.34 Panera Bread  $711 Rent  $90.37 Walmart groceries (split with the bf, so $45.19)

Saturday 3/2:  NO SPEND DAY

Sunday 3/3:  NO SPEND DAY

Monday 3/4:  $15.04 Gas-Fuel

Tuesday 3/5:  $9.95 Taxes  $50.00 Sallie Mae Student Loan  $70.00 Auto and Renter's Insurance  $57.55 Braves ticket for Blaine's April visit

Wednesday 3/6:  NO SPEND DAY

Thursday 3/7:  NO SPEND DAY

Friday 3/8:  $55.75 Walmart groceries (split with the bf, so $27.88)  $50.35 Amazon (computer ink and resume materials)

Saturday 3/9:  NO SPEND DAY

Sunday 3/10:  $36.37 Gas-Fuel  $23.02 Lowes (seeds for vegetable garden)

This week has been fairly good in terms of spending considering the extras like the veggie garden, baseball ticket, and resume materials.  I start more classes this week and I am so glad to have more of an agenda and schedule.

The best part about last week was that I got back to running and ran five days out of this past week and then on Saturday Bernard and I took Chloe Mae to Stone Mountain Park.  Not only was it fun because we took our sweet dog, but we packed a picnic and were physically active.

I also just got my tax refund back via direct deposit today so I did a little dance because that's about 6 weeks of additional living expenses added to what I already have.  All of that said....girlfriend needs a job.  Being unemployed is nice yes, but I am anxious to get some income coming in so I can toast that student loan debt and start saving money for a new car I would like to buy next year.

Happy Spending Freeze!


Alaina M.

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