I had blogged last month about my goals for 2014, but my younger sister inspired me to think of my goals in a different way.  I decided to write down my goals for 2014 in an inspiring way and display them somewhere I would see them.  I chose to make this colorful display and hang it in the corner of my bathroom mirror so everyday when I am getting ready for work or getting ready for bed I see it.

Displaying my goals in this way has truly made it more motivational and in a way these little affirmations along the way are making a huge difference.  I have a tendency to get quite overwhelmed at times especially when I feel I am stretched too thin like I have been the past couple weeks and this has allowed me to think of things differently.  Instead of getting so disappointed at myself for not hitting a weekly or daily goal I am allowing myself to know that within the year it will happen.  

As I have talked about before I have been battling with hypothyroidism and it has truly made reaching some of my goals quite challenging or near impossible.  I have been battling chronic fatigue, muscle aches, back pain and a number of other icky symptoms.  Over the next couple months I have two appointments to see about getting back on track.  I thought I could manage this on my own because I do not want to be put on a synthetic hormone, but I have decided to seek other help.

I have been able to increase the amount of raw food I have been eating drastically and that has made all the difference.  I have even managed to do raw til 4 (no cooked food until after 4pm) and I really enjoy that.

Here are my goals!  How are you doing with your new years resolutions?  Are you still on track?  Did you fall off the wagon?

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