Spending Freeze Report: Week 1

Here is a breakdown of what I spent money on this past week.  I will be starting from Tuesday since that was January 1st.


Wednesday:  $110.50 Chloe (boarding from NYE)  $7.00 Bible Study Book

Thursday:  $25.20 gas/fuel  $4.49 Bible Study Book

Friday:  $711 Rent  $30.00 Auto-Insurance Payment 


Sunday:  $21 groceries

I haven't really felt the need to impulse buy this week and have done a good job of prepping food for the week so that I am not forced to eat out for lunch.  It is also important for me to prep meals in advance so I'm not swamped thinking about cooking a whole meal when I get home from work.  I am really into planning meals and freezer cooking.  Give it a try and I promise it will make your life so much easier.  I am hoping that by publishing these weekly reports it will help me to stay even more accountable with my spending.

Happy Spending Freeze!

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