So many things have happened over the last couple months and ultimately I have felt like a crazy woman.  Between planning B and I's wedding, working into my paralegal job in Midtown, spending so much of my day commuting to that same job, and staying healthy I have been stretched thin.  Thankfully I have an amazing support system that truly are unbelievable in every way and help me out where they can.  

The wedding planning is all starting to come together and I am so glad to have checked so many things off our massive spread sheet:
  • Venue...CHECK
  • Catering...CHECK
  • Photographer...CHECK
  • Dress...CHECK
  • Flowers...CHECK
  • Honeymoon...CHECK
  • Other general details...CHECK
Now, to focus on the fun stuff like to final touches, centerpieces and details.  Woohoo!

I like my new paralegal job that I started in June.  The people I work with are incredible and I even have my own large office.  The only thing I am still trying to deal with is the long commute to and from work.  Luckily the partner I work with has helped me to adjust the hours that I work, but the 1 hour and 20 minute drive one way has still been painful.  I am hoping that B and I will be able to move closer to the city within the next 1-2 years.

Over 4th of July weekend I decided to switch to being a full time vegetarian and I haven't regretted it one minute.  I decided to make the full switch after watching many documentaries regarding health benefits and cruelty to animals.  It is challenging at times, but ultimately has been wonderful for me.  Not only have I felt like I have a clear mind, but my skin has cleared, my body is stronger, and I sleep so much better.  I have also determined that any restaurant that doesn't have a vegetarian option probably isn't somewhere anyone should be eating anyways.  Sure I sometimes have to order things without the meat that comes with it or order a small salad with a couple side items, but it works for me.  B has been eating vegetarian with me too at dinner and is very supportive.  I usually will cook him meat to take with his lunch for the weekdays so he doesn't mind.  Since we have changed our diets it is all about balance.

I have missed blogging and sharing my daily struggles and victories with all of you.  I can't wait to start posting again!

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