Here Are 10 of My Favorite Things:

1. Meal Prep.  I love prepping food for the freezer and the work week ahead.  Putting food in the freezer allows me to prepare food when I have time (usually on the weekends) and then pull them out for weeknight dinners.  I can usually pop them in the oven or cook in the slow cooker while I am out.  I am especially loving Fiesta Pinto Beans and Chipotle Black Bean and Quinoa Soup right now.  I will  double the recipe, mix up all the canned and chopped ingredients and freeze them in bags lying flat in the freezer.  Then I just pop then out when I want to drop in the slow cooker and add the dry beans and liquid...voila! Dinner makes itself while you are out making money.

2. Decorating our House.  I am so pleased with how my projects have turned out so far.  I have hung the canvas I painted, sconces and frames in the dining room and have started a collage of bits on the living room wall.  I still need to fill the frames, but that should be easy since we just got our engagement photo proofs back this week.

3. Apple Cider.  Fall is apple season and I love incorporating the flavor of apple cider into unexpected places.  These Whole Wheat Apple Cider Pancakes  are so tasty with this Apple Cider Syrup and I've successfully made vegan variations of both recipes.

4. Reading.  Right now I am really enjoying Michael Pollan's book In Defense of Food.  It is a great read and I highly encourage it to anyone that is food curious, loves nutrition or is making a change in their lifestyle.

5. Hot Tea.  Recently I have been trying to get off caffeine and not be so dependent on the stuff.  I have always enjoyed hot tea, but within the last week I have been drinking it basically everyday.  I believe I am having some thyroid issues, so I have been limiting caffeine to prevent inflammation.  Tazo makes some great options that are crafted for the gourmet palate.  My faves are the passion iced tea and focus blend.

6. Soup.  There is nothing better on a chilly autumn night than a cozy, steaming bowl of soup.  We have been eating everything from verde white bean soup to basic tomato.  I am even planning to whip up a batch of potato leek soup later today using almond milk and cauliflower instead of cream.  Stay tuned for the recipe...

7. Fitness Motivational Board.  I love having options when I am working out and staying fit.  Variety makes the world go round and I really enjoy having workout routines and exercises pinned in my at home gym for ease.  I have even caught B sneaking a peak of the kettlebell and tricep routines.  My Fitness Motivational Board is an absolute must.

8. Pumpkin.  There is no denying it...I am pumpkin OBSESSED.  I love it in all sorts of things this time of year from pumpkin cream cheese to pumpkin coffee cake and even pumpkin mac and cheese.  I can't get enough of the stuff and I love that pumpkin can be used in so many ways.  Sweet or savory it is the perfect addition to pasta dishes, protein smoothies and baked goods.

9. Thanksgiving Food.  It may not be "Turkey" Day yet, but who cares!  We may not be eating turkey around these parts, but you better believe we have already been enjoying all the flavors of the season.  Vegetarian Gravy is already a hit in our house.

10. Vega One Protein Powder.  This stuff rocks!  Vega One Protein Powder is great because it is vegan protein powder made from peas and other things.  I like the taste, texture and the fact that it has additional nutrition added in every scoop.  I mix it in a Mason jar with almond milk or sometimes put it in the blender with frozen fruit or anything else that sounds good.  The Vanilla Chai flavor is my favorite so far.

Happy Fall Ya'll!

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