This year I have decided to list my goals for 2014 on a monthly basis.  By doing this I hope to make more of them a reality because I will be able to not get overwhelmed.  Also, I know I can do anything for 30 days.

Although I haven't been seen by a doctor because of my symptoms and family history I believe I have hypothyroidism tendencies.  That being said I am hesitant to see a general practitioner because I am against big pharma companies and believe in whole foods.  After doing my own research I have decided to incorporate more raw foods into my diet through juicing.  I eat a lot of whole foods and an abundance of fruits and veggies as a vegetarian, but I really want to work on incorporating more raw foods.  Raw foods are obviously not cooked which means that the nutrients are not denatured and therefor super potent.
I love my new Omega Juicer so I have decided that a juice a day will be the best way for me to incorporate a large amount of nutrients into my diet.  Juicing is truly wonderful because it allows you to get the health benefits from fruits and vegetables without your body having to work to break down the fiber contained in most plants.  I have also found that if I were to attempt to just eat the veggies and fruits I am juicing that it would be too much food.  I would never be able to make it through a meal.  My jaws may even get sore from the chewing (giggles).

I am going to do my best to post my juices on a weekly basis so you can see what I am eating and I can be held accountable.

Last year at this time B and I decided to do a Spending Freeze and we did an awesome job.  We not only were able to save more money, but we are now more aware of our bills, excessive expenditures, and know what is coming in and going out of our accounts.  We are wanting to move closer to the city and shorten our commute times (about 3 ish hours daily) and that means that it is time to cut back on our not necessary expenditures and work on ways to save.  I love feeling empowered and honestly who doesn't?!  We are in full swing and ready to take on the challenge and further explore what works for us.

I feel like when my health and money are in order everything else becomes less of a struggle.  After all, when I am fit I feel more confident and stress less and when I know what is going on in my bank account I feel even better.

I am also going to get our wedding save the dates out, further plan the bachelorette weekend and Nashville, and work on the ceremony decor.

Here's the short list...

January Goals 2014

  • Juice everyday 
  • Spending Freeze
  • Wedding Details

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